Freedom is like an infant..

Ronald Reagan once said, and I am paraphrasing, freedom is just one generation away from being gone in this country. I realize that at the time many people in this country never thought what he was saying was a prediction of our future. Yet, here we are 30 years later, and just how much of a chance does freedom have of existence today? Perhaps I can put this in everyday terms all of us can understand. Freedom, is like an infant. You conceive the idea, and through the process of the conception, the idea grows. After so long the child must be released from the womb of the mother. For those that had the original concept of freedom, the ideas had to unite all that believed freedom could be achieved.

Freedom, even after birth, means it needs to be fed, nurtured and clothed. Just like when women give birth to a child, the job does not end with the painful birth process, the job only truly begins. Nurturing freedom is understanding and accepting everything that goes along with keeping the society free. That means, accepting responsibility for the well being of the infant. Making sure that complacency does not ever sneak into the founding ideas of what freedom means.

Imagine what kind of child you would have if after 2 years of nurturing that child you just got complacent, and only looked after it when you felt like doing so. If you want an example of what that looks like, just go into any gang neighborhood, and try to communicate with gang members. Unlike gang members, freedom when it is left to fend for itself, will die. The only will for freedom to live is found in the people who understand how volatile the lifespan of freedom is. There is also a high price to be paid for freedom. Up to and including human life.

It means that when our child of freedom is threatened, the responsibility to keep freedom is instilled in those that will fight to keep it. It also means that those that don’t or can not fight to keep freedom in this country, also do their civic duty to keep it going as well. Keeping an eye on government at all times is a duty we all have. Getting involved in watching TV and going to sporting events is ok, but you have to remember that any government that is created by man is going to attempt to take away freedom anytime it’s left unattended. When faced with tragedy or catastrophic events in our lives, the first thing a normal mother will do is to draw their children close to her.

Yet when faced with the same circumstances in our great nation, who grabs freedom and pulls it close to them today? As horrific as 9/11 was, when government told the people they needed to give up certain freedoms to be secure, the people of this nation said ok, do what needs to be done. So for the last 11 years, our child has been neglected, left alone and made to fend for itself. Today our child is on life support, the doctors tending our child are not giving it much of a chance to live. So ask yourself, is this child going to die, or will we as Americans come to its aid and give it the strength to be passed on to the next generation?


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