Let the primary system work the way it was designed to do

People seem to think that the primary season is set up to determine the candidate before the party convention. Every now and then though, the system works as it should. Mitt Romney has been being pushed by the news media so hard for a reason. First of all, the GOP (this is opinion, not fact) a promise to Romney that he would be the party nominee. What better way to guarantee that than to have all of the delegates on your team before walking into the convention? In my lifetime, I don’t ever recall there being a brokered convention. This year, we could have just that however.

Should Romney not have enough delegates when the convention begins, it could very well mean we have a brokered convention. For those of you not familiar with the term brokered, I will explain it to you as best I can. Once the convention is called to order, all of the candidates will be voted on by the delegates. If there is no clear winner of the number of delegates to get the nomination, the convention is then open to anyone that is wanting to get the nomination. The conventional wisdom is to have one vote and end the convention. However, should the convention be brokered, it will mean a total all out war between the moderates and the conservatives.

Even to this day, the GOP refuses to acknowledge the conservative base that has backed the party for the longest time. In my opinion, the selection of Mitt Romney is the GOP telling the conservative to shove it for removing the established RINOs in 2010. There are a lot or people who will sway with the wind when a candidate rises in the polls today. It is going to be interesting to see which way they go when their candidate does not walk out on the first vote at the convention.

For those that are interested, I would like to recommend an extensive website if you are interested in learning more about the founding fathers, and their intent for this great nation.
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