Time for the conservative voters to do what we do best

For years, the GOP has given the conservative voters very few candidates they could vote for. Since the Reagan era, there really hasn’t been a conservative candidate nominated by the GOP in my opinion. This has left most conservative voters with more of a choice of voting against a democrat, rather than voting for a GOP candidate. By this I mean, we vote to keep a democrat from getting office, but not because we like the GOP candidate. I have spoken to many conservatives that are fed up with Mitt Romney being shoved down our throats by the news media and the GOP elite.

With the limited number of primaries that we have had so far, it’s not to late to start doing exactly what the GOP has gotten us used to doing. That is, voting against their chosen nominee. We can vote against Mitt Romney to create a brokered Republican Convention, and force the GOP to nominate a candidate we CAN vote for. The GOP will have no-one else to blame for this action than the elites in the party themselves. For approximately 30 years we have been groomed to make a decision we really didn’t want to have to make. It’s time to repay the GOP for making us have to hold our nose, and vote for their chosen candidate, simply because the ruling elite of the party insists that we do so.

Keep in mind, this is nothing more than a sophomoric attempt to get even with conservative voters for removing the GOP chosen from office in the mid-term elections of 2010. If we as conservatives ever want to have representation in Congress and the White House, now is the time to prove our power of the vote. The corruption, and good-ole-boy politics has to come to an end this year! We are the people who elect the politicians, why shouldn’t we force a political party to give us a candidate to vote for, and not just vote against a democrat for a change?

It’s still not to late to vote against Romney. We still have plenty of primaries to change what the GOP wants to happen. It’s time we all realize the power we all share once we are in the voting booth, and make our choices wisely, and confidently. We DEMAND representation, what better way to get it than to make the elite of the republican party nominate a candidate WE CAN vote for?


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