Returning to the Constitution does not mean moving back the hands of time

We have a culture in this country that seems to think that if we return to our Constitution, and our founding documents, it means moving back the hands of time to when they were written. Let me put this idea to rest. Going back to what the founding fathers had intended our republic to evolve into, does NOT mean we have to go back to the 1700s. It means allowing those documents to do what they were intended to do, that is, protect the American citizens from a tyrannical government. The founders knew that if immoral people took over our government, it would mean that our founding documents would have no validity. Isn’t it strange how right they were?

The founders made our Constitution so that it could evolve as times changed. Just because they created a process to do so slowly, it doesn’t mean the document can not be changed. They did this intentionally. Simply because they knew that man would want things done on a whim, and not realize the repercussions of their actions later. What might be great to make people happy today, make be a huge detriment later as the country moved forward. So the founders created what is known today as a cooling off period for any Constitutional amendment.

This was designed to make our citizens consider what would be good for our republic, and for our citizens together. As society has evolved however, the one thing our founders feared has come true. Corruption has run rampant throughout government, and throughout society as well. It became apparent when Constitutional amendments were written to say “Congress shall have the power”. You will find the first of those amendments as early as the present 13th amendment. Up until then, any amendment stated “Congress shall make no law”.

Keep in mind, there are no rights that government can take away without people not willing to fight and assert those rights. Society has become complacent, and in doing so, people have stopped asserting their rights and allowed government to take more and more control of their personal lives. The founders wanted us all to be responsible for our own lives. There is no mention of wealth redistribution in the Constitution for one simple reason, a responsible people will take care of those that need the care.

Returning to our Constitution and our other founding documents would actually be a good thing. Once again if the needy needed help they could get it from their local churches, like they did long before “entitlements” became a way of life. It would also mean we could have a responsible voter system so that people could make an informed decision over whom they chose to elect for public office. I hear all of the time how people seem to think we need term limits for Congressional office holders. Our founders put those term limits in the Constitution. Our document has NOT failed the citizens, the people have failed our founding document. Responsibility is a natural progression of life for all of us.

If we want our republic to go forward, we have to return to what our founders wanted and be responsible for our actions, and decisions. Consider what I have said. Reinstating our Constitution and honoring it as the law of the land is a great thing. It also means our court system could not legislate from the bench. It’s time to create a movement similar to the Tea Party, to take the nation back to our founding documents and for people to be responsible for our own actions


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