Mainstream media and conservatives

I find it quite amazing how the mainstream media is having a feeding frenzy again at a conservatives expense. Not that what the media is doing is anything unusual, the media has always tried their best to pick the bones of anyone they did not hype or create. All the while, just like in the case of Barry Soetoro, they will protect those they have created at all costs, even at the point of losing all credibility they may still hold. The situation going on today with what Rush Limbaugh said is almost as laughable as what the media did to Herman Cain.

A quick look at what happened to Herman Cain is that the lamestream media made the accusations and opinions toward Cain, without anyone keeping them in check. It was an ugly case of destroy the candidate at all cost, and again, not worrying about any credibility the media may lose or will have lost in the process. Yet, let Rush Limbaugh do something that the media has done in the recent past, and all of a sudden the advertisers to the Limbaugh radio show withdraw their support to his show like the democrats did with Barry Soetoro in 2010.

Now perhaps it’s just me, but I was of the understanding that the 1st Amendment to the Constitution for America was guaranteed to all citizens of this country, not solely to the news media. Seeing that the advertisers feel they would best be served by pulling their advertising from his show, perhaps we should all be willing to protect their image and continue not supporting their bottom line. For many years the media has had much more power over the American public than it was ever intended to have. It’s time we as conservative Americans prove the statement “Nothing (business or government) is too big to fail” to be a true statement. This should apply to those sensationalist that call themselves journalists as well!

The double standard that the media has created HAS TO END! Why not now? Just because the “victim” was a liberal, that doesn’t mean that only the liberal media can have an opinion of the situation, and that the American public is not entitled to different opinions, even if that opinion is from an alternate news media figure. It’s time to put on your big boy panties news media, and admit to what you have done is wrong, or admit that what Rush said was only opinion and he is just as much entitled to his opinion as the news media is theirs!


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