Could the same fraud be used to nominate Romney like it was for Obama?

Having watched the mainstream media promote its agenda with Mitt Romney for more than a year now, it has similar traits as to how they fraudulently promoted Obama in 08. The biggest difference however is that the media has been doing so with Romney on a much larger scale, and with a lot more time than what was done in 08. Although I am no political expert, it seems to me that the media agenda has managed to promote Romney through all of the trumped-up charges and misinformation that was put out on all of the other candidates.

There only has to be one reason for this, to re-elect Barry Soetoro, and continue with the socialist agenda that he has blatantly made public for all to see. Conservatives know that Mitt Romney is far from being a conservative. Yet listening to primary election coverage, you will believe that the conservatives that were, and still are against Romney, “have seen the light” and realize that the media is right, and that Romney is the only republican that could come close to beating Barry Soetoro in November. Too many of us are aware of how the media manipulates polling data to make the point they originally wanted to have made, that being the case, could it not be said they are doing the same thing with their promotion of a sure loser for Soetoros re-election?

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich stand a much better chance at beating the socialist in November, but if you listen to the news media, they need to pull out now. Either we conservatives demand the GOP nominate a conservative candidate, or it will be time to find alternate means to have representation in government. I have spoken many times about the difference between liberals and conservatives in this country. I would like to point out that in my comparison, you have to keep in mind there are no moderate liberals. Having made that statement, that means there is only one faction in the democratic party to cater to, liberalism. Whereas with the republicans, you have moderates and conservatives as well as a party that wants to draw the line and omit one of the two belief systems.

The GOP refuses to admit that without conservative and independent conservative voters, their agenda and power would not exist. I am willing to say, that the GOP is even more in bed with the mainstream media than most people are willing to admit, that also includes conservative talk show hosts. The fraud that surrounds Barry Soetoro could have easily been made a public outcry if the conservative media had done their job. Yet, they have chosen to ignore the facts that surround the entire presidency, and have chosen to play softball with the “man-child” we have as a president.

Two plus two will always equal four. No matter how much either media wants you to believe it will equal three or five. The facts that either media doesn’t tell will tell you who they are wanting to be in power in any public office. As a conservative, you need to listen closely to what either media does NOT tell you when they cover a politician. You will be amazed at how much both media entities are in bed with each other when you do.


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