Social justice will have to wait, Barry wants re-election first

With all of the uproar in the Trayvon Martin case in the media, the thought occurred to me this morning as to why nothing has really been done to bring closure to the case. With the leftist media bringing up the race card to incite the race baiters, the one fact that has not been mentioned is the truth as to why nothing has been done to convict or to acquit George Zimmerman. The leftist media is trying to create the case for the incident to be one of a “hate crime.” However, Barry Soetoro will need to utilize the entire hispanic community (legitimate citizens or criminal aliens), in order to remain in the White House for at least the next 4 years.

This is why the justice department has kept extremely quiet and no legal action has been pursued in this case. Up until now, there has never been any mention of race when the hispanic race has been mentioned in the media or anywhere else. So the obvious reason in mentioning it now is to seek conviction under the racist hate crime laws that only apply to caucasian Americans of any nationality. Keep in mind however, one of the biggest voting blocks that Barry needs to be re-elected comes from legal and illegal hispanic voters. Would Barry cut his nose off to spite his face? I think not! The White House has been supportive of the Martin family to give the impression to the black community that he (Barry Soetoro), is wanting social justice. However, if that were the true case of the matter, the Justice Department would be hounding Zimmermans every move.

This apparently is not the case. Instead, the black panthers are being assigned the dirty deed. Keep in mind, this is the same black panther group that was standing on the outside of Philly voting polls in 2008 insuring that only Barry Soetoro voters were allowed in, and nothing was done to them than by the Justice Department. To my knowledge, putting out a contract for the murder of an individual in this country is a felony. With all of the rumours going on that the black panther group has done so, social ice appears to taken the place of the rule of law in this country. The only time the rule of law seems to exist in this country is when it is in favor of the ruling class and ruling elite. Perhaps we as Americans should do exactly what the Constitution calls for when a crime has been committed, demand a fair and speedy trial! This double-edged sword has been used long enough. If the Barry Soetoro regime thinks that hate crimes are only committed by caucasian in this country, then the law needs to be reworded to that effect, otherwise the seeking justice at the whim of whom is in power needs to end!


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