If there were any doubt….

Sometimes life literally hands us all funny material that just can’t be passed up to comment on. As bad as Barry Soetoro and his minions have been for this country, you have to admire him for having Joe Biden as a Vice President! Obviously the choice was to use Biden as comic relief! I read an article today where V.P. Biden is talking about a “global tax” for American products because he doesn’t think the American worker should continue subsidizing the world with our taxes. Really? If that were the real concern of the Barry Soetoro regime, why not lower the corporate tax rate to bring back businesses, and increase production in this country, and believe it or not, it would make American made goods competitive with all of the other countries goods in the world market place. Joe, your comment about the healthcare law being a big f***ing deal may have been your attempt at seriousness, but this is hilarious!

Joe, I know this is going to come as a complete shock to you, but in your tiny little empty space between your ears it appears that you are only firing on the one highly incapacitated brain cell. Joe if you really do feel that the taxpayers should be allowed to invest in domestic companies rather than those abroad, why don’t you and your daddy Barry sit down and discuss what I mentioned previously. I know this will also come as a shock to you, but most of those companies that Americans are investing in abroad, are in most cases companies that moved out of this country because of the corporate tax rate. Oh yeah, one other thing Joe, just who would collect this global tax? Have you never heard the old saying “no honor among thieves”? I can just see this now, the United States imposes a “global tax” and every government that the United States chooses to collect those taxes are going to just hand the money over in US dollars to us when we come to collect the imposed taxes.

If there were any doubt as to why the rest of the world has been rolling on the floor laughing at the United States for the last 3 years, Joe you are living proof of why. I realize this is nothing more than rhetoric and also nothing more than an attempt to continue your theft of tax payer money for the next four years, but please, please Joe, before you prove to the entire world that not only are the voters complete idiots for electing you and Barry, you have some kind of economic education and knowledge about yourself.

Like I said at the beginning, sometimes life actually hands you material you just can’t help resist to comment on.


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