Is anyone surprised that Barry is NOT a Constitutional Scholar?

Recently, Barry Soetoro made a statement in front of two other foreign dignitaries, that “a group of unelected government officials did not have the right to overrule Congress”. This statement was made in reference to the Supreme Court judges hearing the case over the Constitutionality of the individual mandate in the “Obamacare” law. I do not proclaim myself to be anywhere close to being a Constitutional scholar, however, I have educated myself enough on the Constitution to know that elected or not, legislation is not legal if it is not introduced, and voted on by the elected office holders of both congressional houses.

If Barry were what he was proclaimed to have been, not only by the news media but also himself I might add, he would also know that side-stepping Congress to get legislation passed by executive order is just as unlawful! Nowhere in the Constitution does it give an elected president the power to create legislation by executive order if Congress will not pass the legislation he wants passed. I have stated many times in the past, “the Constitution says what it means, and means what it says.” Today, we have Supreme Court judges that look to foreign Constitutions or documents to find validity to our laws, and not our own Constitution.

The Constitution for the United States was never meant to be held to the validity of our laws, it was meant to be the supreme law that all of our laws were to be held to. When Circuit courts overrule the will of the people, such as the laws voted on in Oklahoma to make Sharia law illegal, is that not the same thing as what Barry was comparing to the Supreme Court is doing with the “Obamacare” legislation? Legislation from the bench was also never accepted in our Constitution, unless of course if you are a liberal. For instance, the Roe Vs Wade decision was never meant to be a decision to create law, it was an appealed case between two individuals. Yet, the liberals and feminist hold this decision to be the “law of the land”, and to this day there is still no legislation or Constitutional amendment to verify that idea.

So Barry, I find it interesting that you proclaim yourself to be something you obviously have no idea of being. Just these examples do not work with what your ideas and actions have shown. Here’s an idea, we know you are a pathological liar, try telling lies to people who will believe you from now on, we are tired of them.


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