Let’s solve this…Really? By doing the same things?

This weekend, The Master’s golf tournament was televised on the CBS television network. One of the sponsors for the telecast was Exxon/Mobile. I watched several of their ads pertaining to education in this country. Now keep in mind, Exxon is the same company that brought us the Exxon Valdez catastrophe in Alaska back in the late 80s. In the advertisements, the announcer is referring to the low ranking of United State school (indoctrination centers) math scores. During the commercials they also mention the way to correct our ranking of 25 in the world is to hire more teachers to teach our kids. Ok, am I the only one that sees the insanity here?

Let’s look at this entire picture piece by piece. First of all, you have a company that is encouraging more union teachers to continue doing the same thing they have been doing. For the last 40 years, the solution to our education problems in this country has been to pour more and more taxpayer dollars into the education system. 40 years later, we are continuing to fall in ranks in education of our next generation of great leaders. Secondly, if this was not a big government/union endorsement of continuing tenure in our schools, it’s missed a major opportunity.

Keep in mind, you will hear the unions screaming that we need more schools and teachers, which they have been doing because the chorus line is a habit now, along with a federal government telling the parents of these impressionable minds of mush that they are not educated enough to know what is best for their children to learn. ONLY government is smart enough, and the parents have no say in the equation. I suppose, had there been the smart intelligent people around when the Exxon Valdez incident was happening, the accident would not have happened. Way to go unions!

I have to ask, if the teachers unions were so great, and keep in mind it’s the teachers that write the parents the notes that their kids have ADHD, so that the parents will take them to the doctor and have them medicated so the teachers can keep their tenure, why is the solution ALWAYS the same in this country? The solution is NOT more money, the solution is to let the free market bear what it can in educating our young. The solution is to END tenure, and busting the teachers unions so that if they want a pay check they will HAVE to earn it!

I can honestly say that Maxine Waters had it right for once, but it wasn’t the tea party she should have made the statement about. In her immortal words the teachers unions “should go straight to hell!” As much as we all want our government back in the hands of the people who created it, the education of our children should be left up to the parents, not a government that is in bed with a union of a group of people who are promoting agenda over substance.


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