Ronald Reagan had it right. Are we better off now than four years ago?

In the 1980 campaign season, Ronald Reagan asked us all “Are you better off now, than you were four years ago?” Let’s all look at what we are facing now than we were before Barry Soetoro was elected. Four years ago, nationwide gas prices were approximately 1.89 a gallon. Today, we are facing 4.00 a gallon nationwide. Four years ago nationally unemployment was 7.9% with it being at its highest in 8 years. Today, if you actually believe anything put out by the government, the unemployment rate is 8.5%. Amazingly enough however, when Jimmy Carter was in office prior to Reagan, the news media created what was known as a “misery index”. Under Barry Soetoro, nothing is said about the misery because the media refuses to report anything that is negative about this administration.

Once Barry ascended as president, he began his reign of spending like their was no tomorrow, to the point of having spent more money than any of the 43 presidents that have preceded him. In 2009, the regime began issuing bailouts to companies that were “too big to fail”. By doing so, the government took a majority control of automobile manufacturing. As it were not enough to have in place cafe standards, the government just simply took control of most of the entire industry. Banks and financial institutions were bailed out with tax payer money in the same way the automobile industry was.

The regime didn’t stop with just all of this. Within 2 years, the government had passed legislation to take over the healthcare industry completely. The powers of the EPA were greatly expanded to basically end the ability of private companies to expand their business in this country. Today we have more czars appointed in this government than ever in the Soviet Union at one time. When will the people of this country finally decide to do something about this? I have mentioned in an earlier blog, the ruling elite will only rule as long as people are willing to accept what they are doing. Why are 312 million people allowing a group of 535 people (and this is just congress I might add) to push them around like we are the peasants, and not the creator of government?

For the first time in my lifetime, we have a president that has told us that a certain income level was “rich”. Even by today’s standards, a 250,000.00 dollar annual income is not rich! I won’t even begin to rant about the political parties that have endorsed this premise. As much as most conservatives loved Ronald Reagan as a leader, the hard and simple truth is President Reagan is dead. Perhaps it’s time to stop holding our standards to Reagan, and listen to new ideas that are conservative and will save our great republic. Keep in mind, the ideas Reagan had were new in his time, it’s time to listen to new ideas and endorse them to conservative values as they apply.

It does not take another Reagan to do what he did. It takes a visionary with the love for this republic and our founding documents to do what is right, and to return personal responsibility to those that want to accept it. If there is any hope for our republic and our nation, the voters going to the polls this fall will have to remember the question “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?” Then answer that question with their vote.


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