Ted Nugent proved if you don’t use your rights you have lost them

Recently Ted Nugent spoke at an NRA rally. Ted is a very outspoken advocate of the 2nd amendment as most people know. After his speech however, the Secret Service is now doing an “investigation” over his comments. I find it quite odd how when there was a republican president in office, when liberals were speaking out almost to the point of threatening personal harm to government officials, they called it free speech. It was ok to hang effigies of George W Bush and call that freedom of expression. Today though, if you hang an effigy or speak out for any rights guaranteed under our Constitution, you are a threat to national security! I would like to point something out that a lot of people seem to not realize, by speaking out, being vocal, making an issue of what is going on, Ted Nugent used his 1st amendment rights!

I’ve said this time and time before, and I will continue saying it, know your rights, use your rights, and never give God-given rights to an entity that didn’t grant them to begin with. While George Bush was in the White House, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton both made speeches about how good it was to speak out against ANY administration. Today and all through this regime, they have changed their tone and said if you speak out against Barry Soetoro and his minions you are a threat to our nation. How many of you besides me find it odd as to how the Bush administration handled the “free speech” of those that were against the administration at the time, and the way things are being handled now?

During the last 25 years prior to the current regime, racism had all but stopped being an issue in homes and work places. Now that Barry made race an issue in his election campaign on ’08, the race baiters have found a new way to make a living and be in the spot light again. We have an administration that has turned its back on Christian values, yet they refuse to end national Christian holidays and pay for those days. What Ted Nugent said was a call for all of the America loving citizens to do what our founders intended for us to do. If you haven’t made your mind up on whom to vote for in November, now is the time to do homework, examine their records, abilities, or lack of both, and make your mind up for the election in November.

I want to also add one other thing. It’s great to say “atta boy Ted”, but it is still not exercising your right to free speech. It’s time we all became vocal and did the same thing Ted Nugent is doing. It’s tough to stand on a weak limb and speak out, but when there is enough support under that limb, it becomes a platform nobody can destroy!


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