The only way for Romney to win is a landslide

All of the polls are now pushing that Mitt Romney will win this fall. I must caution everyone reading them that polls can NOT be trusted. Polling data is and has always been manipulated in the terms that those paying for the polls to show results. Also, keep in mind the news media lies every time they open their mouths. The news media has for over a year now said that Romney was the ONLY candidate that could beat Barry Soetoro this fall. If you look at the primaries to date, I would say there are still many people in this country that believe the news media.

This country is at a momentous turning point in its history. This fall could tell the fate of which way we as a republic will go. Knowing that the regime had a one billion dollar war chest as soon as last fall is not a comforting thought, but we also have to keep in mind that through the regimes own policies, that one billion dollars does NOT have the purchasing power it did as little as 10 years ago. Either way, it still means a lot of illegal and dead votes for the regime that nobody will be able to question simply because the Justice Dept will not allow it. I have stated many times, once the American voter goes into the voting booth this fall, if the choice is Romney or Soetoro, the voter will choose the real thing over the cheap imitation.

If there is any hope for our republic, Mitt Romney will HAVE to win by a landslide! There will have to be overwhelming more votes for Romney than all of the fraudulent votes for Soetoro combined. If Romney is really serious about obtaining the office, he will have to draw more of the conservative vote to him. At this point from what I have heard or seen, it’s not going to be easy. Too many conservatives have stated they would stay home and not vote. I always thought that only adults voted in elections. I guess that thought was wrong and misguided. As much as I would love to vote for someone in an election, it looks like this is another election in which I will be voting against someone to prevent them from staying in office.

Those of you whom have decided if Romney gets the nomination you are going to stay home, keep in mind, without your vote Barry is re-elected. It’s just that simple. Without a real vote to counter-act a fraudulent vote, Romney looses. Now a lot of people have made statements that people can change. In my experience, people can change, politicians refuse to do so because once they adopt an agenda, they will never back down from it.
As much as we dislike what has happened in this country, can we afford seeing it change before our eyes to something it may never come out of? It’s time to man up and be adults, so we can end this nightmare this fall, not by just a little bit by a landslide!


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