Does the GOP really think Romney will draw the independent conservative vote?

I find it amazing that so many people in this country still refuse to see through what the GOP is doing to the primary system. Mitt Romney was promised his chance in 2008 by the GOP. By doing this, it assured the conservative independent voters to be alienated from the election process. Romney is strong with the GOP elite because he is continuing the progressive agenda. Several months ago, I made the statement that “if Romney is the candidate, the American voter will choose the real thing (Barry Soetoro) over a cheap imitation”. It appears with relative certainty that the GOP will nominate Romney, knowing full well the fact I mentioned. The ONLY hope we have to save our republic is for the independent conservatives to vote as many tea party republicans into Congress and to vote Romney in.

I am not a fear monger, I am a concerned citizen of the greatest country God ever gave man to be free. I was reading an email from a friend this morning along with watching a YouTube video they had included in the mail. After reading the comments to the video, it confirmed everything I had been saying about the American voter. They will go into the voting booth and stick with what we have, instead of accepting a cheap imitation. Have we really come to this in this country? We have men and women dying for the way of life our founders intended, and yet, we have civilians that want to give it all up so that they have no responsibility for themselves or their family.

Where would we be today if the same citizens had voted the same way in WWI and WWII? We are at a turning point for our republic, like it or not, this transition phase can end but only if voters make educated responsible votes this fall. Four more years of Barry and his thug minions will finish the transition. Is this really what we want in this country? There are millions of legal immigrants from the former soviet bloc that know where we are heading and have been vocal about us going there, yet the American public refuses to listen to what they are saying! Just remember however, the government that has given you all you want, can take away everything you have, and will do so in the name of the “common good”.


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