The Ultimate 2nd Amendment arguement

It’s amazing to me how the leftists believe we need more gun control in this country. They seem to believe that since they fear firearms of any type, that we as a country should follow their lead and fear them just as bad if not worse than they do. Okay, here goes. I believe in gun control too. I firmly believe that any gun owner should have complete control of their firearm when they nu-holster the weapon. They should have an unobstructed view of their attacker, and have full awareness that when the trigger is pulled, they are going to wound, stop, and possibly kill the attacker to protect all that the gun owns. Liberals seem to believe that if we had fewer guns in private ownership, then the crime rates would all go down in this country. Yet, they refuse to look at credible statistics that indicate that in areas that have pro-gun ownership laws crime rates go DOWN. Gun control laws ALWAYS result in higher crime rates!

When you bring this to the attention of any liberal, they will say that the gun control laws didn’t limit gun ownership enough, therefore the gun owners that had weapons went on a shooting spree to make a point. This could be farther from the truth. Statistic show that almost all lawful gun owners seldom have to fire their weapon to protect themselves. The case in Florida with George Zimmerman is one case where a lawful gun owner had to fire the weapon to defend himself. Now I ask you this, if Mr. Zimmerman did not have the weapon to defend himself, and Travon Martin had killed Mr. Zimmerman, would there have been as much press and race baiting going on if he (Mr. Zimmerman) had been killed?

The “Stand your ground” laws have been in place for many years in many areas of this country. This is the basic form of liberty and freedom, simply because government will fear an armed populace. For longer than the 51 years I have been alive, government has been trying to disarm the American public because of the fear government has for a public that will defend itself from government intrusion. The only way to defend our 2nd amendment is for the American public to stand up for the amendment as written, and make government understand that as long as the American Spirit in all of us is alive, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution for the United States will also be a force for government to recon with.


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