It is now definate, Obama will not win a second term because of the SCOTUS decision

Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has weighed in with its decision today on the Obamacare bill, it is almost certain that Barry Soetoro and his minions will be in the unemployment line come January of next year. The one thing that has hurt this regime the most has been unemployment statistics throughout his entire term. Recently, with doctored stats the labor dept has managed to show that unemployment was down below double digits. For those of us out here that are unemployed or underemployed, we know the facts about those numbers. Now that the SCOTUS has declared Obamacare Constitutional, it means there will be an even bigger decrease in job availability in the private sector. If you were shocked that the SCOTUS ruled in favor if this bill, you were mistaken from the very beginning.

The SCOTUS was never going to be proactive with its decision. The only way history has ever shown the Supreme Court to denounce laws and rule them unconstitutional, has been once the law was in full force and the measures of the law when enforced violated individual rights. The biggest favor the decision today did for those of us that didn’t want Obamacare to begin with is to insure that the congress and the White House became republican this fall. It also means that the only real way to end Obamacare will be to REPEAL the entire bill. Seems like I have been calling for this for the longest time.

Although most of the independent voters would have voted for Obama had this law been thrown out, now they are going to seek some kind of relief even if it means voting corrupt republicans in office to get it. While Barry and his minions are celebrating today, the celebration will most likely be the last for the entire campaign. Remember: “he who laughs last, laughs loudest”. This fall we can all laugh at Barry when he cries about how unfair the elections were that he was sure he would win.


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