Happy Birthday America, Thank you Founding Fathers

Some two hundred and thirty-six years ago a group of men decided that they were tired of the tyranny from the British Crown, and took a stand. These men were not powerful because of all of their riches and money they had, they were men of dignity and honor. Can anyone imagine how politically incorrect those men would be today in the exact same country these men had founded? These men had it right, they knew that an over intrusive government would take everything they had earned. Amazingly enough, today we have an entire generation of adults that see nothing wrong with government taking what they want from the fruits of their labor, and giving it to people who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

Shortly after declaring their independence from the crown, most of the same men came together again and created a document that has served this country well until just about four years ago. The founding fathers knew that corruption was something that would creep into all facets of government, however only a moral people could govern themselves, our founders felt that the people of this country would always be moral enough to govern themselves. Our Constitution is one of the longest standing governing documents with the least amount of amendments in the world. It has remained that way because the Constitution didn’t give all of the power to the government created by the people, it gave the people the power to create a government that WOULD answer to its creator.

The biggest reason that the world has had people flocking here is because of these simple, yet effective principles. A government that governs least governs best, and the smaller the government, the least intrusive it is to the people being represented. If this were the way of the governments anywhere else in the world, would the USA be the biggest hope for freedom? Keep in mind, the founders created a country that did not allow for tyranny by those governing the people who elected them. They knew the ugliness of tyranny and wanted to be free to live their lives as they saw fit with little or no interference from government. We all know today how that has worked out.

Our founding fathers were brilliant men, it’s too bad those that govern the people of this country have no idea what honor, and integrity are today. We as Americans have a responsibility to our founders to continue this country on the path it was placed on when it was founded. Only time will tell if this country is worthy of the men that founded it. I can only hope that history will show us as the best hope for freedom long after I have left this world. So having said that, I would like to say Happy Birthday America, and rest in peace to our founding fathers. Some of us still believe in what you founded and recognize the sacrifices you made in creating this great nation.


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