Aurora Colorado is not a reason for ending or changing the Second Amendment

The recent shooting and tragedy that took place in Aurora Co. is no reason to change or end our 2nd Amendment rights. Contrary to the news medias belief, pro-gun legislation does NOT encourage such tragedies to take place. Throughout history, anytime pro-gun legislation is introduced in jurisdictions, crime rates without fail go down. As amazing as it may seem to be, the US media NEVER talks about countries that have taken firearms away from their citizens. Instead, they talk about how bad it is that Americans have gun rights and that we should give them all up so that only criminals will have guns.

My question to the American public is this, you have given up rights once before in the name of security, do you really think that the government is going to do a better job of protecting you if you give up your guns so you can be safe? The founding fathers felt that gun ownership was a basic right given to us all by God. Why are we willing to give up God-given rights to an entity that never had the rights to give to begin with? My heart and sympathy go out to the families of the victims of the horrendous shooting in Colorado. I would like to point out however, had pro-gun legislation been enacted in the town of Aurora, most likely the death toll would not have been so high.

For all of those that cower down and say that we need more gun control, remember one thing, when times get rough and you have to defend your loved ones and hard-earned property from someone who has illegally obtained a firearm, remember how much you feel that gun is responsible for the position you are in. Keep in mind that gun does not fire itself, the person holding it DOES! If gun control is the answer to the problem of irresponsible people killing the public, then perhaps the problem can never be solved. Political correctness again falls into this situation because government had the nerve to encroach on private rights, and the people allowed it to happen without question.

The 2nd Amendment is one of the cornerstone amendments to personal rights in this country. It alone is a good reason why a majority of people who immigrated (legally) here over the last 230 some odd years did so. Not one person that legally came into this country did so for handouts from the federal government, NOT ONE! The current political party in power today believe that our Constitution was erroneously written because it did not give all power to a central government. Once again I have to point out, that if people wanted government handouts legal immigration would not have been as high over the existence of our country. People left their country because they wanted a place free from tyranny. They did not leave it just to come to another country that was just as bad or worse than the one they left!


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