Barry fires the first shot with lies he can not defend

If there was ever any doubt that we are about to witness the worst, and nastiest political campaign season in history, perhaps not many people have been watching more than just their favorite programs during prime time. Not only has the Obama liars started their smear campaign by associating Mitt Romney with the death of a mans wife that was supposedly let go by Bain Capital, but now on tv there are campaign ads talking about how Romney only paid 14% in income tax last year. The ads are focusing all of the rhetoric on the middle class (what a surprise, if you can win a campaign with truth, use the class warfare strategy) tax increases that Romney has proposed, while saving money for all of the “richest Americans”. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE RICHEST AMERICANS FAIR SHARE OF TAXES IS!!!!!

As odd as this may sound, even if the “richest” Americans did “pay their fair share” it would NOT make one bit of difference in our deficit or the amount of money Congress spends that it does not have. Now as much as the Obama minions want to sway opinion with the class warfare, no one in the mainstream media is talking about the biggest tax increase in American history that was passed in March of 2010. That would be the Obamacare bill. The Obama ad may mention that Romney doesn’t care about the middle class, but would someone tell me how taxing someone who does not already have healthcare insurance to the point of not having money for food is more compassionate?

We as Americans have to make educated, well-informed votes this fall. Forget the rhetoric, forget the lies, and forget the class warfare! This administration has already proven it is not beyond doing its worst to win this election. Even if Barry is re-elected (Heaven forbid), we have to take both houses of Congress and effectively make Barry the true cry-baby he is. In other words make him an ineffective president for the next 4 years. The biggest thing that we need to make this happen is a super majority in the Senate. Harry Reid needs to be replaced and put in his place as just as ineffective as his presidential hero Barry will be. Tea party candidates that were elected in 2010 have done their best to handle the tasks they were charged with. It’s time to send in reinforcements and continue the reformation of what our founding fathers envisioned over 200 years ago. We ARE AMERICANS! We have faced adversity similar to this in the past, we didn’t fold then, and we WILL NOT fold in the same face today.


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  1. 20,000,000 X .14= 2,800,000 thats sounds over taxed to me

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