The real truth about Ft Hood is now coming out

I find it interesting that the Soetoro administration considered the Ft Hood shootings as a work place incident, and not a terrorist attack. It does seem however, that the real truth is coming out as to what it really was. Major Hassan is now claiming that he wants to be allowed to have his beard for “religious” reasons. Correct me if I am wrong, this same man killed 13 people without the “religious” beard, injured numerous others without the same beard, but now that he is standing trial before a military tribunal, he wants his religion to be considered. Could it be that this actually was what most of us all saw it as, and that was a terrorist attack? This will also bring on a situation that the present Muslim president does not want to be in should he be found guilty of all charges. For those that are not familiar, if the tribunal finds him guilty, and sentences him to death, it is the President that has to sign the death warrant in order for the death sentence to be carried out.

Would Barry sentence a fellow Muslim to death that performed their deed in the name of Jihad? I would have to say he wouldn’t. In the order of things, Barry has been true to his 2008 promise of “standing with his Muslim faith” throughout his term as president. I am sure the administration is in contact with the appellate judge to rule they way they want, “or else”. This will also create a problem with the military as a whole. The military sees this as a heinous crime committed by a terrorist, and it wants justice served military style. The question will then be, just what will the military do if Barry refuses to sign the death warrant should Hassan be found guilty and sentenced to death?

This could also signal how sure Barry is about being re-elected in Nov. This stalling technique could also be a way of not having to sign a death warrant while he is in office, and leaving that deed to his successor. This will also ensure that he does not admit the shootings at Ft Hood to be a terrorist attack, and still maintain his claim as a workplace shooting.


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