How can the RNC repeat what happened 4 years ago and expect to win

I found it repulsive to have watched and listened to the Republican National Convention and realize they are playing the same hand the same way they did four years ago. Every political party knows you never nominate your strongest candidate to be VP when you have a weaker Presidential candidate. Once again, the RNC has managed to do just that. Which indicates to me, they want the same results as they got four years ago. I said four years ago that we needed a third-party (a viable third-party at that) to have conservatism take control of government in this country. I was told a third-party would never work, that it would insure democratic control forever, and that then was not the time for a third-party. Ok, lets look at where we would be now if there were a third-party. There is a possibility we could have a strong conservative candidate to consider now.

Keep in mind, the RNC hates conservatism. Without question, there is no conservative wing in the party today. When will “conservatives” ever learn the Republican Party does not want to have conservatism as a party platform? If this were not true, why would the RNC consider rules changes that would not allow “grass-roots” candidates to have part of party policy making? As much as I hate having to say this, we have no choice but to accept the Republican puppet for this election cycle. We have a long row to hoe between now and November. The biggest thing we can use to reclaim what has happened to our country is “Love of country”. Clint Eastwood said it best tonight in his speech when he said “We own this country, not you or the politicians, politicians are OUR employees. When someone doesn’t do the job, we gotta let ‘em go”.

My second biggest concern is about Obamacare. Now I don’t know if I am the only one that has noticed this through the years or not, but when there is an unpopular policy enacted in Washington that becomes an election issue, how often does it ever get repealed? The republican nominees have during the convention made this a big issue for election, with exception of Mitt Romney. This scares me to no end. Simply because they are trying to pander again to the conservatives for votes, but will refuse to have a place for them at the table once the election is over, and it is time to pay up for their votes. Like it or not, conservative or moderate, the RNC has once again dealt us a losing hand. We have no choice but to push it for a win if we want to have any control of the country our Founders created.


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