Happy Labor Day, the unions are proud of us all

I know I am going to take a lot of heat over what I am about to say in today’s blog, that’s ok, I’ve taken it before. Unions have served their purpose in society up until about thirty years ago. I am not saying they were always useless. Thanks to unions we have child labor laws, minimum wages, and in most union contracts numerous holidays a year that members and non-union members alike can participate in. However, lets look at what has happened in the last three decades that indicate their usefulness has run its course. Today’s unions have been very little more than liberal slush funds for re-election. Speaking as a former union member, I have not seen a conservative candidate at a union rally in the entire time I was a union member.

Thanks to unions, we have more people on the democratic plantation being brainwashed to believe that without unions “everyone would be making minimum wage” in today’s workforce. This could be farther from the truth. With all things in a capitalistic economy, the market will always pay for talent that the market will bear for that cost of that talent. Union members will tell you that you can not make more than minimum wage without the threat of unionizing a shop. To prove that wrong, lets look at the Boeing plant in South Carolina. This particular plant is a non-union plant and is being very profitable without union assistance. I believe that none of the workers in that plant are making minimum wage.

Right to work states are now becoming more and more prevalent in this country simply because of the corruption that is everyday life in unions. Might I also point out, that when someone has a problem with religions or anything that has to do with religion, the most popular course is to go to a union for their bargaining power, namely the ACLU. To prove my point, where did the Muslims go to defend the ground zero mosque being built? Is it not the ACLU that criminal immigrants go to so they can have their “rights” defended and not be deported? Someone please tell me just how many “rights” a criminal immigrants have. I find it interesting that the unions will fight for members benefits of having religious holidays, yet the same union will fight to have the Ten Commandments, the founding document for our rule of law in this country, removed from every court-house or public display it can find.

Is it not the ACLU that goes to bat for every single low life that says “I offended” when a town places a nativity scene up for Christmas display? This same ACLU that says governments can not display “Merry Christmas” or school systems can not call the vacation time at that time of the year “Christmas holidays”. Yet, if there are holidays that have no Christian or Jewish relation, it’s quite ok to use the name for the holiday the religion calls it. So enjoy your union holiday today, and keep in mind it is part of the problems we are facing in our country today. Perhaps someday there will be a union that will find political correctness offensive, personally I doubt that will happen, but there is always hope.


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