9/11 Eleven years later

Eleven years ago the day started out like any other day in America. Everyone got up, got their kids off to school and went to work. There was no reason to suspect that this particular day would be another day to live in infamy. As the day unfolded the horrendous events began to unfold. The first two planes began hitting the twin towers in New York City, and reports of Arab hijackers began being publicized. Then flight 93 crashed into a field in Pennsylvania, again it was hijacked by yet another group Arab hijacker. Finally, news broke that yet a 4th aircraft, again hijacked by another group of Arab hijackers, was turning around and heading for Washington DC. I remember vividly the outrage and anger that was felt when all these events unfolded. I also remember seeing the debris field in Pennsylvania and the fuselage of the aircraft that hit the pentagon.

Everyone spoke the words in the early years of “remember 9/11″, and for the first several years everyone did remember that ugly day. However, the news media has control over the public mindset, and true to its propaganda ability, it began minimizing the events of 9/11. Today, if it were left up to the news media, it would only be a short blip on the radar screen during the evening news. Today we have a Muslim president that believes we, this country, was begging for what happened to us on that day. This man does not believe in what we as Americans have known all of our lives, and that is American exceptionalism. Without our exceptionalism in the world, we would not have ever been the largest beacon of freedom in the world.

We have a president that wants the event of 9/11 minimized in favor of promoting Muslim holidays, and remembering the hijackers, not the victims that were innocent of any wrong doings. This man wants everyone to have mandatory volunteerism to remember the events of 9/11. I know this may be a surprise, but it’s not volunteerism if it is mandatory! The same president and political party that he is associated with has done their best to minimize what America stands for during his administration. If Americans had wanted European style socialism, we would still be in Europe, and the great nation we live in today would not be anything other than a third world nation. It’s not any of the European nations that these countries come to when they have natural disasters. It’s not America people are leaving to get out of tyranny.

The facts of 9/11 remain the same as they did 11 years ago. America was attacked by enemies of this country. The attack was unprovoked. The attackers were Arab muslim extremist. Finally, the one fact that the news media will never report, the attack was to promote Islam and a jihad that the Muslim terrorist believed even then was in existence. So as you sit and watch news coverage today of the 9/11 events, remember that on the day the events took place there was no disinfecting of the film you saw. Remember the people you saw jumping from the twin towers were innocent people trying to avoid being burned to death from a fire that was created with aircraft hit that building, an aircraft that was hijacked by Muslim extremist. Also, remember the heroes of flight 93 that knew they had to do something, and did, even at the ultimate cost of their own lives. So as we remember 9.11, it’s time to bring back the anger that was associated on the day it happened and demand more from a government that is not willing to do anything to keep its people safe from an attack.


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