Okay, let me see if I have this right….

I find it amazing there is no outrage over the fact the diplomats were murdered from our mainstream media or liberals at all for that matter. If I remember correctly, the liberals AND the mainstream media were up in arms about Georgia W Bush having had 2 to 3 weeks notice about the 9/11 attacks. Today we have a media that is defending someone who has nothing more to do than to defend big bird and sesame street from an opponent that has only started raking him over the coals of his first term record. Even to the total discredit of the media, they will defend Barry Soetoro even when he loses his re-election bid, and still have the nerve to blame his loss on the “misinformed American voter” because they would not listen to the mainstream. Barry Soetoro even at the White House own admittance was asked several time prior to the attacks on our embassies over seas, for tighter security because of threats made on them.

So the natural response was to apologize for America in advance for something that had very little do to with the situation at hand. There are numerous anti-Muslim videos all over YouTube, yet the regime points out one to blame everything for, and how free speech is the culprit for all things bad in this country. So once again, let me see if I have this correct. It is the American Constitution that is to blame for all things bad in this country, and that it needs to be rewritten to take power away from the people and place it in the all-knowing hands of government. This is the same all-knowing government that has allowed attacks with prior notice on Pearl Harbor, New York City, Washington DC, and now numerous overseas embassies. I saw recently on Facebook a tile that stated; “Obama keeps reminding us he killed Bin Laden, may I remind him……so are agent Bryan Terry and Ambassador Chris Stevens”. Maybe we all need to remind him of his failures and the people who are suffering from them, the innocent Americans he pretends to be looking out for are the same people who are being raped when it comes to tax increases.

I have asked this before, perhaps someone will eventually answer my question. Barry keeps wanting “the rich and wealthy” to pay their fair share, but exactly what is the amount of money he wants? Even if they were to pay what he feels to be their fair share, how does that reduce the debt of his administration? The liberals keep pointing out that Barry inherited the worse economy since the great depression, seems to me that Jimmy Carter was long after the great depression and we had not had double-digit inflation until Jimmy Carter took over. Personally, I can only hope that liberals remember that their voting day is November 7th.


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