If collateral damage is good for terrorist, why aren’t we allowed to have collateral damage fighting them?

As a matter of history, collateral damage, meaning the death of innocent civilians, has been a deciding factor in almost every modern-day war of the 20th century. A classic example is the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki Japan. While thousands of innocent Japanese were killed in the second explosion of an atomic device, the Japanese military were in underground bunkers protected from the blast. If their civilian population meant so little to the military of Japan, why are we upset that so many innocent people died as a result of their actions, and not the actions the Japanese government knew we would take? Under this current administration, we have had more American collateral damage and terrorist attacks on American soil than we ever did under the Bush Administration.

Today we have an administration and a congress that has set rules of engagement so stringent, that even if our military warriors are fired upon, they must have permission to return fire. The quickest way to end any war, and even terrorists know this, is to have massive amounts of collateral damage so that the opposing side surrenders to them. It doesn’t take a military strategist to figure that out. Now contrary to every bleeding heart liberals belief, if an American embassy is attacked, it is on sovereign American soil the attack takes place. Every embassy and diplomat knows this and every government that has embassies in the world expect this same protection. Now the question is this, when are the American people going to add all of these events together and realize that it is the current administration that is orchestrating these operations?

We have a corrupt Dept of Justice that ran guns into Mexico, then to this day the Attorney General, the head of the same dept, disavowed any knowledge of the same operation. The same operation that cost an American border guard his life, and with very little acknowledgement or sympathy from the same administration. Now this year, an election year, we have the dept of state issuing an apology for a YouTube video to the Muslim controlled areas of Egypt and other countries before any “retaliation” were to have taken place, even though an ambassador requested more security weeks before violence took place at the embassy and was denied extra security for his protection. The media nevertheless still protects these actions and the man responsible for them. If there is ever any hope to win this war on terror, it is going to involve massive amounts of collateral damage, the liberals know this, the military knows this, and the media knows this. I am not saying we need another holocaust like that of WWII, but if that is what it will take, the war has to end eventually.


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  1. well once again you come to a point of common sense a virtue not used by very many people. yes a + b = c but when you plug in the wrong numbers it becomes an untrue statiment. mr. obama can’t seem to plug in the right numbers to make the equation balance out. einstien he is not so i wonder why some many have such unyielding faith in a man that seems to fail at simple algabra.

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