Conservatives still believe in helping others

Now that hurricane Sandy has made a horrendous path of damage in the Northeast area of the country, the liberals are screaming that the “rich” should not be entitled to FEMA help. I say this; everyone that is a legal American citizen is entitled to any help from federal government down to private entities. Keep in mind, the liberals are still saying the rich are not paying “their fair share of taxes”, yet not one single liberal will ever say just how much “the rich” should pay as a fair share amount. I have said this many times before, even if the rich were to pay their fair share, it would not make a difference in what is our countries deficit. Yet the liberals will never admit what they are wanting is a handout for doing nothing. Once again I will make the challenge to the liberals, tell us all what the rich people you hate so much is the fair share they should be paying. I find it interesting that none of them will say just what the money amount is.

When Barry Soetoro advertised that Mitt Romney only paid 14% of his 2010 income, they were very careful to keep the dollar amount that 14% was from the American public. Do the math folks, 14% of 20 million dollars is 2.8 million dollars! Just how much more should he have to pay?! How many of the liberals will admit they pay anywhere near that amount? When are the people of this country going to understand that the average liberal of note makes millions more than any middle class family will ever dream of? It’s not so much the fact that the “rich” are not paying their fair share, it’s the fact that too many people have been put on the public dole and without the rich creating jobs to take them off, the government EXPECTS those they consider to be rich to pay the difference! Trickle up poverty has never and will never work in a capitalistic economy.

Once again, the tragedy that took place with hurricane Sandy is terrible to see and even worse for those that are living through it. I do not begrudge anyone financial help for those that were in the path of the storm. We are Americans, we help our own in time of need! At no time has it ever been about financial ability, it’s been about compassion and love for our fellow countrymen. For those of you that believe I am wrong, feel free to comment and let your expressions be known. I do not edit comments on this blog. Just remember however, if I reply to them be prepared to accept the truth when it’s given to you. God bless those in the path of Sandy, and God bless the United States of America.


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