Election day 2012

Four years ago, many people went to the voting poles to express their desire for change. Unfortunately, when you go and vote for someone without investigating what they are saying to be true or false, you get what we’ve gotten for the last four years. That would be a pathological liar that thinks he owns the world from one chair in America. The great part about America is that we have elections every two years in this country, and that the mid-term elections do have a bearing on the upcoming presidential election. The American people made themselves heard by voting in tea party candidates that pledged to represent the people who voted them in, and not the special interests that paid the way for the votes.

As many of us go to the poles tomorrow, let us also not forget the men and women that selflessly gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country so that we can continue living the lives we were promised by our founding fathers. I only hope that in this election, the American voter learned their lesson, and can look back on what the last four years have brought us. It would send a huge message to a corrupt media that is just as guilty in what we have gone through as the individual that has brought this on us. No matter how bad things have gotten, we are still the greatest hope for freedom in the world.

As much as the current administration has talked about global this and global that, we have a global responsibility to be responsible. This may not be politically correct, but who needs political correctness except for liberals anyway? We need American Exceptionalism brought back, we need pride for our country and our people placed back into the hearts of all that are legally here. Most of all, we need the respect of the world and the knowledge that our allies will never be thrown under a bus when we have a child running this country because too many other people want to get something for nothing. Stand up America! It’s time we do what we do best, demonstrate without doubt our love for freedom and liberty!


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