The propaganda machine rolls on

Well here we are again, another tragic shooting at of all places this time, a grammar school. This is admittedly a tragic happening especially at this time of the year. True to its own colors, the mainstream media has made this even nothing more than a feeding frenzy just like it did with Columbine and the Virginia State shootings. Take note however, it’s the news media that is talking more gun control laws, not the politicians at this point. The news media has had gun control a platform in its agenda for as many years as I can remember. Though what happened today is a very tragic event, and my heart goes out to those that lost their lives, as well as the families of the children and others, we need to keep our head about what actually happened.

At no point did those weapons fire themselves and kill the first person in this event. A person did that. If the news media is true to its own agenda, should the perpetrator prove to have been any religious belief but Christian, they media will not cry about gun control either. The nasty truth about it all is the media has chosen sides to every story it covers. I have to ask when will the American people learn this for themselves? The media is always going to lie about what it does so it can continue perpetuating itself without interference. There are too many people who have learned they can vote themselves a living from a ballot box to even care about what the media tells them, other than who will continue paying them for doing nothing. I asked someone the other day, “when whites become the minority in this country, will Affirmative Action continue to exist?” The honest answer is no, simply because no matter how much of a minority whites become, they will never be a political minority.

The great experiment is over. America when through the death rattle on November 4th 2008. We now have a majority of people who refuse to work, and want government to take care of them from cradle to grave. These are the same people who say capitalism is evil and unfair, but that’s only because they don’t want to do the work to be on top of their chosen career. Too many college graduates believe they should start at the top of their career field and work their way down the ladder. If that is their view on life then perhaps they should try being a politician. Think about it folks, politicians are the only profession in this country that individuals will spend 5 times or more the amount of the salary they would make to get the job just to say they were at the top of their field and have the power they are “deserving”. Only in America!


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