September 11

Today is the 12th remembrance of a horrific day in American history. We have to always remember how many lives that day changed. It is a day that is just like the JFK assassination back in 1963, yet worse. Not only were the lives lost in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania, but friends and families also bear the pain of that day. I remember where I was, and when I first saw footage of what was going on I thought it was a hoax, something that was being produced by Hollywood. Then it finally did hit me that it was something we all had to deal with and no hoax. To many innocent lives were lost, and yet, this country has had a resolve to get the people behind what happened that day. We have taken Bin-Laden, but has the pain lessened from what happened that day?

We are a great nation. The greatness that we enjoyed was because we as a nation believed in the one God and was granted His grace. We turned our back on God back in the 50s and 60s. We have people who believe we don’t need God’s graces and blessings. Yet these same people ask when tragedies such as 9/11, Aurora,Colorado, and Sandy Hook, “why would a merciful God allow something like this to happen?” Well the answer is going to be something a lot of people will not like. Like the gentleman He is, when God was asked to leave us alone, He did. No more will we have his graces until we turn back to Him. Even though we finally did render justice on Asama Bin-Laden, it was an empty even in US history. We have a Muslim president that only goes through the motions when it comes to defending this country. This is the same man who told the world the would “stand by his Muslim religion” if he had to make a choice.

Please understand, I realize that all Muslims are not bad people. The people who put us through what happened 12 years ago, however, came out of those same “good people”. Now I also realize that to say all Muslims are murderers is the same thing as saying all Christians are savages like Jeffery Dahlmer. I guess it’s just something we all have to deal with on a day like today. It’s never easy learning a lesson that we should have known, to prevent something like the events of 12 years ago. This country has twice elected a man who does not have our best interests at heart. He continues to ignore the American people when it comes to domestic and international policies. In closing, I would like to say, always remember 9/11, and always remember those innocent lives that were lost senselessly. God Bless the United States of America.


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