and they called us racists for telling the truth about Obamacare


I find it quite interesting how the “low information voter”, as Rush Limbaugh calls them, called everyone a racist when HR 2300 passed three years ago; yet everything conservative talk radio and conservatives as a whole were saying, are now coming true about Obamacare. I have heard several guests on talk shows say the best thing that could happen to Obamacare was to have it implemented. I AGREE! Let all those people who blindly followed their messiah find out how expensive “free healthcare” really is.

Too many of the critics of the right kept telling us all that it was not government healthcare, and that those that can not afford healthcare would be able to get assistance. Well so far, not many people can even find out because our wonderful bureaucratic government that must have control over everything in our lives, couldn’t even get proper testing of a website that…

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