The Liberals Never Saw It Coming

It is amazing at how bitter the liberals are that they took a shellacking in the midterm elections this year. For some strange reason, they didn’t pay attention to the cries of the American people over Obamacare, securing the border, and runaway spending. They are screaming like those of us that knew what was going on in the 2008 election screamed. The difference is, they are screaming with NO facts to back what they say, I had a friend of mine whom told me that all of the negative hype over Obamacare was nothing but lies. That only the conservative media were telling lies about how people were suffering so that it would make the Obamacare law look bad. It is amazing at how much denial the liberals will submit and never accept the truth of their policies. There is one fact that the conservative media has made during this election, people will vote from emotion long before they will educate themselves to make an educated vote. This year, the American public looked at the landscape and saw how the liberal agenda had eroded the country that they loved.

Now that the republican stronghold is even stronger, we can be prepared for the liberals to scream bloody murder because they can’t have their way with legislation. Never mind the fact that the American people created the landscape in both houses. My only hope is that the republicans understand that they can be replaced in the next election if they do not do what the American public want them to do. Make no mistake, this election is not about an agenda, it is about doing what the American people want. Liberals will tell us that we are not smart enough to know what we want, my suggestion is to walk quietly and be careful of the words they use, they are not going to be as tasty when they have to go down a second time. Apprehensively I would like to see the change we have all wanted for some time.

I will say this to all of the newly elected and re-elected republicans, remember, we are watching you, and understand that you can be replaced!


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