The link between capitalism and racism | REDFLAG

Socialist Alternative

Socialist Alternative

Funny how socialists want to define Racism & neglect Socialisms own Racists rants against Israel, which is a Nation, as well of people who are Indigenous Israelis.

When the Bolsheviks in Russia were dispersed it was russian socialism that targeted the jews with there racist attacks on jewish pilgrims in the land, socialism also attacked Christians an played a big part in the communist socialism in the USSR, as Richard Wumbrand, who was jewish & became a christian living in russia, as Socialist Bigotry continues.

Socialism basically has its own form of a euphoric capitalism, like that seen in the book animal farm.
Even old boxer the horse was given the brunt of all the work, in the socialism showed in it.

Hitler himself founded the Nazi Party on Socialism, he also had ethnic alliance with muslims, just like Socialist Groups to even Anti Fascist Groups, even align themselves with them, just like Hitler did in WW2.
Hitlers Socialism also involved the work slavery of jews, gyspies, even christians, an many P.O.Ws.
Socialism paved its own version of Neo-Capitalism done in ways of taking advantage of the people, even if they be marked as an enemy, an shows no true form of equality or diversity.


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