The Race Baiters Have Accomplished Their Mission

Furgeson Mo., here we go again. It’s bad enough that a person has lost their life in that town. Regardless of skin color, life is life and death is death. These people don’t even know what was shown to that Grand Jury, but they are looting and rioting because they didn’t get the verdict they wanted. Ok children, lets throw a temper tantrum because we didn’t get what we wanted. The blacks are upset because they say they have been oppressed people ever since they came here from their homeland in Africa. Regardless of the fact that a majority of the slave traders work black Muslim slave traders from the middle east. By the way, they are still to this day selling slaves like they did almost 250 years ago.

Needless to say, the people who still believe they Caucasian race is the cause of their lot in life, still won’t accept the fact that in this great land, they can do anything they want to accomplish. Then come the race baiters. These are people who don’t want a race of people to succeed. People like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are proud of what they have done to prevent their own race from going forward one their own. They will show up every time there is an issue concern black and white race relations, but only of the black is the victim.

Where are these same race baiters when a white man is shot by a black policeman, or a white girl is raped by a group of young black boys? Why are these NOT prosecuted as hate crimes? The black americans in this country have changed the face of race relations tremendously in the last 50 years, yet that is still not enough. the EEOC was designed to make sure that blacks across the country got a fair shot at work in this country. It seems, that no matter what laws or in place ti help these people, it is never enough. I apologize for possibly sounding racist, what I am about say could be interpreted as such. But in my humble opinion, these people are not trying to achieve equal rights, they want to have superior rights handed to them.

The liberal media is doing their best to incite civil unrest every chance it can. The media has done everything it can to make sure the Furgeson Mo incident has never been taken out of the spotlight. Race relations have vastly declined since the Obama administration has taken over, the news media has helped promote this fact every chance it could. As long as there are people promoting these actions in this country, we are going to continue to have these riots and looting in these communities, simply because there are enough people who refuse change the mentalities that foster these things from happening.


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